The leadership development solution for scale-ups

GYDE helps you to develop your young leaders even in the most fast-paced and volatile environments.

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Developed with hyper-growth founders, psychologists and young team leads

We conducted more than 100 interviews to perfectly understand the challenges hyper-growth companies and their young leaders go through.

Together with experienced experts we transformed these insights into a product which perfectly adresses those needs!

Enable your young leaders to drive better business outcomes through

Motivated Teams

Employees who are subject to good leadership are 33% more motivated and engaged.

Higher Employee Retention

Employees of managers with above-average leadership skills have a 57% lower willingness to change jobs.

Higher Productivity and Focus

Managers with strong leadership skills help their employees to achieve flow 63% more often (positive productive focus).

We integrate 3 proven learning methods into one powerful learning experience


Within interactive sessions of 5-10 minutes per day, users learn valuable leadership theory and frameworks. Small gamified quizzes at the end of each session help to make learning more fun and controll wether the new content has been understood.


The aquired knowledge can only become impactful if it is put into practice. To help with that, every section contains carefully selected reflection exercises. These questions help users to develop awareness of their curren leadership behaviour as well as to transfer the new knowledge into their work.

Peer Coaching

Learning from others and getting help on ones most pressing leadership challenges. to facilitate this we put each user into a peer group with 3-5 leaders from other companies who are at a similar stage on their leadership development journey.

Guided by one of our top coaches, the peer groups meet every 2 weeks for a videocall to discuss the learned topics and provide collegial case advice.

A new approach to hands-on learning and development on the job:​

Perfectly tailored to your needs​

We focus exactly on the issues young leaders struggle with and use your app inputs to ideally curate the topics of each coaching session.

The power of social learning​

Our peer coaching sessions allow you to learn with and from other young leaders in similar situations.

Besides great insights you get the emotional support of knowing that you are not alone with your challenges.

Learn on the job​

We focus on the important things so you can integrate your learning sessions even into busy days.

Furthermore we help you translate your daily learnings directly into action.

Start your journey and bring your managers to a new level of leadership​

Let’s get in contact and we will create the best fitting solution for your people.

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